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"Thank you for reaching out to people like me. As I have been in the search for understanding I have been to quite a few websites of this kind. I just can't express how much yours stands out from the crowd!" Raisa Monteiro
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ThoughtsAlive Affiliate Program

We offer generous commissions on some of the best self-help products in the industry. If you are passionate about helping others and want to create another MSI (multiple stream of income), then let's get started! Once you have been approved as an affiliate, you will be provided with banners, text links, and audio ads to help you in your business. Your commission on each item depends on the product, but averages around 30%.

You can also sign up sub-affiliates and receive commissions on THEIR sales. The products are first-rate, and as they continue to change lives, people continue to spread the word about them. Create some mailbox money now by joining our affiliate team!

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Besides the regular text links and tools you'll receive, scroll down to see some of the banners that will also be available to you...

"Think Better - static"

"Jackrabbit Factor - static"

"Hidden Treasures - static"

"Think Better" - rotating

"Jackrabbit Factor" - rotating

"Hidden Treasures" - rotating

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