Body Language Training

Body Language Training with Kirk Duncan

Registrants are notified via email if there are date or location changes, so be sure to pre-register free! It doesn’t cost a thing.

Kirk Duncan has a knack for spotting those subtle clues from your body language, and knowing just what to ask you next to pull out your greatness.  He’ll “sneak up on your brain” and wake you up to those gifts and talents you didn’t know you had.

And, the good news is that if you don’t like being put on the spot, you’ll enjoy watching him demonstrate this fascinating talent on other volunteers from the audience.  You’ll learn how to intercept (okay, tackle) the thought-emotion-action-results cycle from a different direction.  Change your body language, no matter how uncomfortable or awkward it may seem, and watch your thoughts, emotions, and results take a significant turn for the better. (Don’t worry – with practice, successful body language can become a very natural part of you, as well as the success that stems from it.)

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Message from Leslie Householder:

I, for one am a big fan of what Kirk Duncan does. I had been hearing about him for more than a year and finally attended this class myself. Now I want everyone to go to it, too. It was one of the most entertaining, enlightening, and empowering events I’ve been to in ten years! And it was FREE!

A little history on how I know Kirk:

Kirk asked me come speak to his organization a couple times in the last two years, and I had a really great time doing it.

But until just recently, I had NO idea who HE really was, or how much I could personally learn from him. He asked me to speak again earlier this summer and this time we shared the stage, and it was in Arizona.

I spoke first.

Then I sat in the audience to hear HIS message for the first time.  I was stunned.

I told him it was some of the best stuff I had seen in years.

After implementing just a couple of his ideas, I began to experience some major breakthroughs.

(Yes, I still get stuck and need to keep having personal breakthroughs – in fact, I expect it to be that way my whole life. I hope to never stop learning cool stuff!)

He teaches Body Language training – but not in the typical context you might find  elsewhere.

It’s not about catching people in their lies, he teaches with a solid intention and purpose to help you find and develop your hidden talents and gifts.

Ever wondered:

Why you do what you do?

What your body language is saying about you?

What your hidden gifts and talents might be?

Did you know that if you become conscious about YOUR body language, make the right adjustments, and find and follow the answers that rise to the surface of your consciousness, that all the money and resources you need will flow to you more freely?

I’ve seen it work.

Other People who attend Kirk’s training say….

  1. It is not book-style body language, this is fresh and exciting.
  2. He uses real people up in front to teach us.
  3. You find out where you’re messing up!!!
  4. People make more money knowing these skills.
  5. Seriously, you begin to read other people’s thoughts.
  6. It is powerful to know what others are thinking.
  7. You can develop high levels of rapport.
  9. This helped me improve communication with my kids, my spouse… my higher power.
  10. I feel more confident and powerful when I clean up my body language
  11. I noticed that people can hear me better.
  12. Kirk teaches in a way that a 7 year old gets it!
  13. You can improve your life TODAY with it!
  14. Better connection…better relations…better success!
  15. You focus on using body language to discover a person’s hidden talents – I love that!

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