The Genius Bootcamp Facilitator Program

Details subject to change without notice:

We’re looking for a few high-caliber self-starters who want to earn money helping us teach Genius Bootcamp. To be considered, you must complete these requirements in any order:

  1. Attend Genius Bootcamp three times: once as a participant, and twice as a volunteer assistant.
  2. Attend Mentor Training. This class is now offered online.
  3. Complete the Mindset Mastery Program and graduate with honors.
  4. Complete Genius Bootcamp Facilitator Training (this was previously inside of Mentor Training, but has since been extracted for administrative tracking purposes.)
  5. Put on a practice Genius Bootcamp independently for at least 5 people.

Once these requirements have been completed, you will be interviewed to assess your readiness. An additional Facilitator’s meeting or teleclass may be prescribed for any necessary fine-tuning.

You are responsible for filling your events, but we do try to help by announcing them in our newsletter. Facilitators may receive between $95-$220 for every regular paid attendee who registers through our website, or up to $297 per student when they collect and process payments themselves.

Let us know that you are interested in joining us! By completing this no-obligation form, you will receive our Rare Faith newsletter, and be notified when there are updates related to any of the above trainings.

We cannot guarantee your success, and we do not guarantee that every person who completes the requirements will be accepted into the Facilitator program. Those who do qualify and who are accepted will ultimately carry the responsibility of filling and putting on successful and profitable events. Events may have as few as 5 participants, or up to 20. It is the facilitator’s responsibility to provide the location and standard class materials for each participant, and to obtain the items on a list of teacher’s tools and materials. Facilitators are independent contractors for Thoughts Alive LLC, and do not work as employees.