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Frequently Asked Questions:

Since making the switch to share the Jackrabbit Factor story for free, it has been brought to our attention that there has been confusion and some frustration with our automated delivery system.

We express our deepest apologies if the trouble has affected you or your friends, too.

Here are some of the known issues and what we're doing about them:

Q. "I haven't been able to get into the site and I've been trying for days!"

A. We believe this issue has been resolved. If you continue to have trouble, you may email us and we'll send you the book directly.

Q. "I never received the download"

A. After submitting your information into the form, you are required to confirm your request if you were not already in our database. After confirming your request, you are sent an email that contains a link to the download and instructions on how to access it. Sometimes it can take an hour or more to receive the email. Check your junk mail folder. Add system @ autocontactor.com, system @ autocontacter.com, and leslie @ thoughtsalive.com (no spaces before or after the "@" symbol!) to your "safe" list and try your request again. Sometimes the message can be blocked by your provider if it sees multiple addresses in the header, even though they are necessary to process the request. If you continue to have trouble, please let us know so that we can help troubleshoot the problem with you.

Q. "I can't open or read the document"

A. You may need an updated version of Adobe Reader, available at no charge HERE. Webtv users may not be able to view it unless their system is equipped with a hard drive, according to my limited understanding of Webtv. Please contact your Webtv service provider for assistance accessing the PDF document.

Q. "How can my services be included in the recommended resources at the end of the story?"

A. To address ALL the questions surrounding this sponsorship idea, we have a complete description of how it works HERE. This explains how your name or business can be mentioned at the back of the book you're already promoting. It would, in effect, say "This free copy of The Jackrabbit Factor has been brought to you by _____" and will provide you with unlimited exposure as the story is shared freely across the world forever.

Q. "The tell-a-friend form isn't working"

A. If you used the tell-a-friend form on www.jackrabbitfactor.com, your intended recipients probably did NOT get your message. We have removed the form until the bugs are worked out. In the meantime, you can use your own email system to tell people about the book by sending them to www.jackrabbitfactor.com.

Q. "After promising a free download, your system sent me to a page to BUY it instead."

A. It has taken us a few days to figure out where this was happening, because that certainly was never our intention. Finally we realized that it showed up when a person used the tell-a-friend form. On the page that said "your form was successfully submitted," there was a LINK to an old purchase page and it also offered an entirely different free gift. That page has now been updated to make SENSE and will be part of the process once we put the tell-a-friend form back on the jackrabbitfactor.com page.

Q. I just bought the Jackrabbit Factor ecourse and it seems to be the same thing that I just downloaded for free.

A. The Jackrabbit Factor ecourse includes the pdf download with an ADDITIONAL series of powerful follow-up lessons delivered to your email box over 2-3 weeks to help you get the most out of the story. Remember, the free pdf offer through JackrabbitFactor.com is brand new, and all other offers continue to be available through ThoughtsAlive.com.

Note: If you are currently receiving the free 19 Rules of Prosperity series we still recommend the Jackrabbit Factor ecourse mentioned in that series because it deepens your understanding of the principles in the story, and because the other free bonuses associated with that 9-day offer are not available anywhere else on our site.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to make our products and services more accessible and helpful for you and your friends.

If you have questions not mentioned in this list, please let us know!

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