Master of Influence

Master of Influence With Kirk Duncan

Do you wish there was an accurate way to develop better communication skills? Do you want to subconsciously influence anyone… without even saying a single word?

This three-day training will empower you to see and understand the lost art of reading body language. Kirk Duncan has brought the natural way of communicating back to life in a fresh, new way. Here’s an idea… use body language to improve your life, instead of looking for what is wrong with your life.  We believe that you find what you look for.  In Master of Influence, you will learn to find answers and solutions to life’s greatest challenges through clues that are subtly revealed in your body language as it is right now.  You’ll also learn how minor adjustments to your body language can yield significant improvements in your finances, relationships, and self-esteem.

The definition of “influence is the power to affect other people’s thinking and actions.  Why be misunderstood when you can avoid it?  Understanding the meaning and uses of specific body gestures will allow you to change your approach and act only in ways that will result in maximum cooperation.

An incredible experience that will shake you up! You’ll never be the same.  I’ve already experienced some quantum leaps in my life and business because of the information I gleaned from this event.  This has been the best investment in myself I’ve made in a very, very long time.  Stay for all three days if you dare 😉 I’ve been putting it into practice, and my goals and intentions are coming off my vision board more rapidly than ever.  My confidence is stronger, my vision is clearer… and I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so ENERGIZED about where I’m going.  Do this!  Don’t put it off – be there! – Leslie Householder

Just imagine how much in sales you may be losing if your body language communicates mistrust or offends your clients… without your awareness!  If you know how to use body language, you will be able to avoid sales pitfalls and convey body signals that make your customers say “yes!”

What if your body held the answers and solutions that you have been looking for?

Come find out why Kirk is the very first person in the world to earn the title: Jackrabbit Whisperer in the ThoughtsAlive community!

Could it be that everything you are looking for is right inside of you?

Body language is not only applicable in sales or business. You could also miss out on that important date or job opportunity… all because your body language is unconsciously sending the wrong signals.

You don’t want that to happen, right?

At Master of Influence You Will be Trained on:

  • Reading body language and facial expressions
  • The critical difference between manipulation and influence
  • Sales techniques for constant closing
  • The subtle art of personal charisma and the power of being truly authentic
  • Your own personal message and how to deliver 100% every time
  • How to use body language to influence others
  • And so much more!

You will learn cutting-edge trade secrets that are both powerful and people-friendly. You will see that “charisma” – crucial to influencing others – is not a matter of luck or good genes, but a learnable set of skills. We look forward to seeing you at the next Master of Influence!

To your freedom,

Kirk Duncan

Trainer / Mentor / Body Language Expert

3 Powerful Days – $750 $197

(seating is limited)

This ticket may be applied to any upcoming Master of Influence event. Must be used within 12 months. Space for each event is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call 801.987.3996 for tickets – use ‘jackrabbit’ as a verbal discount code to get this special price.

NOTE: With this discounted rate, there are no refunds and no transfers once you are registered for a particular event. If you want no-risk terms, call 801.987.3996 to register for the full price of $750