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All Mentors listed below are experts who provide services in line with the principles contained in The Jackrabbit Factor. (Mentors with special icons next to their name are identified according to the following legend.)


Official ThoughtsAlive Mentors have completed our Mentor Training program so they can help you achieve your goals with their own unique approach.


Honorary Mentors have programs and services that come highly recommended because the founders of Thoughts Alive have personally benefited from what they do.  These individuals have demonstrated that they ascribe to the principles contained in The Jackrabbit Factor.


Jackrabbit Whisperer – the highest of all honors within the Thoughts Alive community, reserved for individuals of exemplary reputation for excellence in personal, business and family life. While Jackrabbit Whisperers are not perfect, they have demonstrated a proven track record for solving problems in the pursuit of “rabbits”.

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Meet the Founders of

Trevan and Leslie Householder are the proud parents of seven children and are committed to bringing a deeper understanding of the principles of success to people all over the world. They have provided personal coaching, live seminars, and distance learning programs to help families achieve prosperity since 2002.

Mentor Directory

Kirk Duncan was named our first Jackrabbit Whisperer on 10/9/2010.  Those who know him and have experienced his trainings agree – the title is well deserved.  We have been privileged to learn new and incredible things from him – there is no end to it! – and we’re grateful for the personal relationship with him that he has permitted us to enjoy.  He has invited us to his home time and time again, and has made us feel like family.  His success is not limited to his business; it shows in all areas of his life, and we’ve seen it. We recommend his workshops to anyone who wants to take their understanding of success principles to a whole new level.


Garrett B. Gunderson has become a favorite Mentor with the ThoughtsAlive Staff because of his exemplary commitment to the principles of prosperity and his leadership in helping us live them better. For more about Garrett (co-author of the Jackrabbit Factor sequel, Portal to Genius), visit


Bob Proctor was our mentor for many, many years.  Besides all the other programs we studied with him, we also spent a full year in a small group program with him at a time when we needed the extra courage to take the leap away from employment. He is very good at what he does and is a no-nonsense trainer who is not afraid to help push you off the ledge so that you’ll discover you can fly.



Stephen R. Covey – This directory would not be complete without mentioning the father of some of the greatest leadership trainings and literature of our lifetime.  We have respected his work ever since we first discovered his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People over 20 years ago, and appreciated his generous endorsement of The Jackrabbit Factor (as shown on the paperback copy) prior to his passing.

Marnie Pehrson – Expertise: Author, Teacher, Motivator… Highlighting truth and talent throughout the world. Personal: LDS wife and mother of 6, creator of 19 web sites, author of 20 books, and founder of and



Carolyn Cooper – Expertise: Gifted, Energy Intuitive and teacher of cutting-edge vibrational healing. Personal: Creator of Simply Healed, a unique energy-healing training course in which anyone can learn how to heal themselves and others. A certified fitness professional and author of “Energetic Scaffolding”.


Stephanie Francom – Expertise: Overcoming mental disorders by feeding the brain, Re-Writing Your Story through Principles of Prosperity. Personal: Stephanie homeschooled their seven children with Christian values and leadership. Her family has overcome anxiety and depression. She donated years to Art of Womanhood, an organization committed to strengthening the family. She loves hiking, camping, grandchildren, inspirational speaking, and mentoring.

Cristie Gardner – Expertise: Working in partnership with her husband, Dr. Stan Gardner, in creating balance between the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects of life. Personal: The mother of eight children, Cristie Gardner is known by some as the “Queen of Connections.” People are her favorite hobby, and she loves to help others connect more effectively with themselves, their loved ones, their bodies, and their world. She has a passion for helping make sense of this one life we live, and relishes mentoring others so they can do the same. Cristie helps you become the Centered Self, rather than being self-centered. Once we have become centered, we have a deeper perspective of our life experiences, and we can see patterns in our lives that can create pathways to greater and greater understanding.

Robyn Young – Expertise: Continuing education (in or out of “school”), internalizing life’s lessons. Personal: LDS; devoted wife and mother of 4 daughters.  Robyn’s passion is strengthening home and family, returning families to true educational principles, and finding happiness in living God’s laws.



Mark Beach – Expertise: Re-imagine your life – helping you become and live your dreams. Personal: Mark builds people up. Speaking publicly all his life, Mark has spoken before large audiences, taught seminars, and performed musically. Now, he’s authored a life affirming novel. Mark’s vision and resourcefulness have landed him leadership roles in various arenas, including Fortune 500 companies.


Cameran Hadlock – Expertise: Bringing understanding of the laws of success to the Hispanic/Latino people. Life coach and mentor. Personal: I’m a real person full of love, who desires to help others by teaching and guiding them through challenges. I admire others and learn from those I meet.  I am a spiritual person and have been studying the laws of success for more than 5 years and enjoy guiding others who are seeking a better life.  I am a devoted husband and father of two amazing boys!


Ken Carroll – Expertise:  Helping others come to understand some of life’s most important governing laws and how to use these laws to answer their questions, solve their problems, and lead a predictably successful life. Personal:  Happily married with two grown children and a new son-in-law.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in business and a Master’s degree in public administration.  I enjoy outdoor life, creating and building projects, college football,  motivational movies based on true stories, and teaching true principles to anyone who will listen.  I have professional experience in religious education, financial consulting, construction, and sales.  Because of my broad range of experience, I can relate to almost anyone.  Let me help you!

Denise Webster – Expertise: Great health, more wealth, and a better way of life. Personal: Mother of 7 with a deep love of family and her religion. Likes to cook, scrapbook, read, travel, do service work, anything outdoorsy, watch her kids play sports or perform. Loves to learn and create. Likes history and her heritage.



Alisa Hancock – Expertise: Life Coach; Planning for Success — helping others achieve successful finances, relationships, and weight loss! Personal: LDS wife and mother of 3; lives in Texas. Passionate about teaching the laws of success and helping others achieve their goals!



Katie Vrajich – Expertise: Helping people find and live their purpose. Personal: Katie is a mother who loves taking care of her family, exercising, reading and improving. She is in love with quantum leaping! She has a degree in exercise science, and loves helping people lead a healthy lifestyle.



Doug Lange – Expertise: Believing, and helping others to believe. Personal: Over 15 years in executive positions within small and start-up companies. I am a late bloomer, but I always bloom. I am motivated by helping others become better than who they think they are. I adore my family.



Angie Kleven – Expertise: Homeschooling, Faith, Working from Home, Improving Relationships. Personal: I love my family and my faith.  Reading, writing, learning, teaching, and mentoring are my passions.  I have worked from home as a medical transcriptionist and co-founded a non-profit organization while raising three amazing kids.


James B. Chase, Jr. – Expertise: Public Speaking, Communication, Education. Personal: I am LDS, a husband, a father of 8 and grandfather of 15. I love to read, especially about people lives. I am a champion for those who have learning differences. No matter where we are in life we all can grow.



Jan Lambert – Expertise: Prosperity and Abundant Living through Laws of Attraction. Personal: Using Christian principles to find your personal path to prosperity. Creating a vision for your whole life, then LIVING it. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life; do one thing now.”


Shanna Hoppie – Expertise: Small business owner, professional virtual assistant, marketing & sales, home school veteran. Personal: Virtual assistant specializing in helping small businesses to expand. Student of & trained mentor in the Laws of Success. Supports others in their own creativity, goals and ambitions.


Melanie Valderrama – Expertise: Finding your purpose and creating a vision for your life. Personal: I am LDS, a wife, mother of 2, homeschool, live in Utah, play piano and organ, sing, love to dance, play and watch college basketball, and have been a legal secretary since 1991.


Harmony Harrison – Expertise: Energy Work, EFT, Intuitive Development, Universal Laws, Joyous Living. Personal: Passionate about aligning our thoughts and feelings with our positive spiritual nature. In love with joy, inner freedom, and energy work. Happily married with a quiet country life, surrounded by woods, beaches, and my animal companions.


Renae Pelo – Expertise: Applying universal laws of prosperity to improve results. Personal: I champion those who think they can’t live the life they want. I know from experience as a wife, mom, grandmother and business woman; you can create a life of strength and happiness.


Amy Oliver – Expertise: Professional Health Coach specializing in Mind/Body connection. Licensed health professional (LMT). Personal: Using recent brain science tools and web based technology, I help you live your optimal health by coaching you to implement habits THAT WORK for YOU. My passion for living health comes closely behind being a devoted wife and mother of 3 children.


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