Mentor Training

If you’ve ever thought about teaching what you’ve learned, join me for…


Are you PASSIONATE about helping others?

Is there a message inside of you that’s so big, you feel like you might burst?

Are you ready to take your understanding of the principles to the next level?

Does life keep throwing obstacles in your way to keep you from finding and fulfilling your purpose?

(Are you terrified to take the next step?)

I’ve been there.

I know what ALL of that feels like – and I’ve learned that I feel that way EVERY time I’m about to make a tough choice that causes a big breakthrough in my life and in the lives of others.

So here’s the thing:

I know there are people who have progressed to a point that they have hit a ceiling and need some assistance breaking through it.  They need help, and it’s my job to bring leaders up to help me help them.  I am also looking for Genius Bootcamp Facilitators, and select my team from among our Certified Mentors.

Are you meant to be one of our Certified Mentors?

Are you shaking a little bit, just reading this?

This invitation is NOT for the average person.

What about you?

Do I have your attention?

Are you feeling some movement going on inside? Maybe it’s causing your heart to beat a little faster, or your hands to quiver, or your head to start feeling warm, because something inside of you is trying to send the message:

“This is it. This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.”

Mentor Training Live Event

There’s probably another voice trying to interrupt that says, “Who are YOU to think you might be one of Leslie’s final few to grab this opportunity today?” Or, “It’s going to be expensive…” Maybe the voice is saying, “It’s going to be uncomfortable – stay far away from anything that causes you discomfort…”

(Because you just might GROW!)

If you’re “hearing” anything like that, do you recognize it as the terror barrier? Do you remember what the terror barrier is, and what it means? (Be sure to watch that video on the stickman if you haven’t already.)

Mentor Training Live Event

If you aren’t feeling anything churning inside, stop reading now – this isn’t for you.

But if you haven’t tuned out by now, perhaps you ARE one of the few who are meant to join me in Mentor Training.

Let me help you figure it out:

Mindset Mastery™ Mentor Training is a unique opportunity for the cream of the crop, who are specially trained to help people around the world take their understanding and success to the next level.

It’s difficult to encapsulate the best part. As Leslie says, “It’s ALL good!” and that definitely applied to training. I would look around the room and see Leslie and Trevan, and then see the caliber of the participants and sit in amazement. To learn and study in that kind of environment is absolutely the best. Sandra B

We can’t do it alone; that’s why we’re excited to help you magnify YOUR success, your understanding, and your ability and effectiveness in helping transform other people’s lives.

Did you know you can create an income providing life solutions to those who need it?

People will thank you for it from the bottom of their hearts. And for your contribution, your life will naturally improve, too.

Mentor Training was previously a 3-day event, recorded and now available to you in an online format. Take it all in at your own pace – up to 4 weeks if necessary, but your Mentor Certification is complete after you have accomplished all three of these requirements:

  1. Complete the Mindset Mastery™ Program with Honors
  2. Complete the Mentor Training preparation packet (which you will receive upon registration)
  3. Complete the online Mentor Training Program (which consists of the same training and assignments that our live event participants completed, only you will get to complete yours from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.)

With these tasks completed, you will have the opportunity to make a name for yourself in our community, and offer your own services to our readers.

(Note: You do not have to complete all three tasks if you don’t want the full benefit of being a Certified Mentor. Some people have enrolled in Mentor Training just to get in on a powerful, life-changing experience.)

WOW!!! What an awesome experience. I already know I want to go back and audit the next one.  Shanna H

In short, Mentor Training gives YOU the additional tools and self-confidence you need to be an effective (and profitable) mentor. We’ll help you find your wings, so you can launch yourself onto a successful path of your own.

We want to position YOU for a growing income stream, with something that is profitable, gratifying, and soul-expanding.

Training was amazing!  Alisa H

As a Certified Mentor, you will have various avenues for getting YOUR message, products, and services in front of our many site visitors and subscribers.

Program Objectives:

• We’ll dig deep into the 3 most powerful concepts from the rarely conducted Principles of Prosperity Seminar (the last time I put on that seminar was over 10 years ago. Mentors in training get the best of it with this program!).
• Identify, solidify, and make a quantum leap toward your own #1 priority goal while you’re with us (so that you can help others do the same).
• Set up an individualized passive income stream with a product of your own creation – completed, and in place by the time you finish this program.
• Receive the tools and training you need to develop multiple income streams (shortcuts, time/money saving tips, marketing secrets, implementation)
• Learn fundamental principles of effective mentoring so you can naturally attract an abundance of clients to you and your product(s).
• Establish credibility online – discover and begin the process while you’re in this course of how to become known as a reliable, principled resource for helping others become all they can be.
• Become an expert goal reviewer to help people clarify and ultimately attain the objectives they have in mind – including your own.
• Receive $ for each product of your own creation that sells as people find you in through our blog, newsletter, and social media page.
• Learn the secrets of what large list owners look for in a joint venture partner, and how to orchestrate a profitable campaign.
• And more…

Let us help you create a new income stream, helping others succeed!

I second or fifth what everyone else said. The mentor training was awesome and well worth it, both in effort and cost. Cameron H.

Mentor Training ONLINE – participate from HOME!
FEE: $2995

Let’s start or expand your business helping people implement the principles of success. We’ll help you USE the principles you’ll teach to create unlimited success in your own life.

Find out how I’ve used this information to generate over a million dollars and counting.

To your success!

Leslie Householder

Note: Due to the exclusive nature of this program, and because I can only work with a limited number of participants each year, once you have registered, there are no refunds. I cannot guarantee your success, because I cannot guarantee what you will choose to do with the information I share with you. While I and many others have used this information to make a six or seven-figure income, the work you do in this training will probably NOT produce those kinds of results immediately. There is a gestation period connected to your success. Each trainee comes into the program with different levels of expertise and experience. This information is designed to help you shortcut the process, to save YOU time and money learning what cost me more than $100,000 to learn and more than 5 years of work, but it does not replace the necessary work that you will need to do to implement the strategies and secrets we’ll share.

By registering for this event, you indicate that you understand and accept the above terms shown in RED.

Take the next step. Register now, and let me help you make a big difference in your life, and in the lives of others.

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