Mindset Genius™ Program


The “Family Time and Money Freedom Home Study Course” is the Mindset Geniusβ„’ twelve-week program, which retrains your mind to think and succeed by conscious application of the Universal Laws of Thought.

However, it does not just tell you how to think to achieve success, it actually facilitates that change.

Although this course was designed to be an economical alternative to our $1500 weekend seminar, it now contains more information, more tools, more EVERYTHING than I could possibly pack into a live event.

Week 1 – Preparing to Succeed

  • Discover the most obvious, but overlooked secret to long-term transformation that NONE of the mentors we ever hired got around to sharing with us.
  • Discover when you should NOT take another person’s advice, no matter how rich or smart they are, and
  • How to create a place in your life for the success you want (because without a place, I guarantee, it won’t show up)

Week 2 – Embracing Hope

  • Discover the power of “residual income” and what to do if your spouse is not on board
  • Discover two surprising ways to handle depression so you don’t sabotage the creative process
  • Identify the one thing that most people do DAILY to SHUT DOWN the part of them that finds solutions

Week 3 – Identifying Your Mindset

  • Discover why we shouldn’t just do what the winners do …and what to do INSTEAD.
  • Identify how you REALLY feel subconsciously about money and why (which has a critical bearing on how much money you will be able to make THIS YEAR)
  • Learn the proper, but often overlooked way to ask for what you want, so that you truly get what you ask for

Week 4 – Choosing Your Thoughts

  • Discover how CLOSE you really are to the abundance you need, right NOW.
  • Discover JUST what to do when others don’t support you in pursuing your dream
  • Learn ONE simple thing you can do TODAY which will unfailingly cause you to be more profitable

Week 5 – Taking Control

  • Find out why those who struggle the most are actually the LUCKIEST people in the world
  • Develop emotional autonomy once and for all, so that you can…
  • Take true and honest ownership of your life

Week 6 – Introduction to the Laws of Thought

  • Learn the OTHER laws of thought that “law of attraction” students generally miss
  • Learn the difference between THINKING and Mind BUSY-ness
  • Experience the co-creation process in action THIS WEEK and see something amazing take place

Week 7 – Fine Tuning the Objective

  • Discover whether you should have more than one goal at a time or NOT
  • Find out whether you should picture receiving the money, or picture yourself using it
  • How to effectively set your priorities so that one goal does not sabotage the other
  • Identify which distractions are necessary and which are not
  • Learn how to obtain what you want without taking it from someone else

Week 8 – Your Roadmap

  • Find out what it means when the “Universe” appears to get “it” wrong
  • Discover how to finally get OUT OF HARMONY with the things you hate
  • Learn to think truth in spite of appearances
  • Discover the powerful mental technology for busting through each barrier of fear you’ll ever face

Week 9 – Tools for Tenacity 1

  • Discover why telling yourself the truth (ie. “I will overcome!”) can sometimes feel like you’re lying and what to do about it
  • And more…

Weeks 10, 11, and 12 – (undisclosed)

Your last three weeks of lessons include info that I’ve never seen in a program like this… but I’m telling you what, they NEEDED to be there.

You’ll Receive:

  • A Deluxe custom binder with 12 weeks of easy-to-follow lessons
  • Phase I and II workbooks with an accountability checklist for each week
  • A 297-page easy-to-navigate manual full of all the captivating secrets
  • Thought-provoking weekly assignments that will amaze you, as you see yourself do things you didn’t know you could do
  • The Jackrabbit factor Audio Book on 3 CDs
  • Stickman Concept Overview DVD
  • Transformation Journal – with special proprietary instructions to facilitate dramatic life changes
  • Special Bookmark for easy reference to journal entry format guidelines
  • Laws Reference List to internalize the principles I’ll show you
  • Symbol Key for easy comprehension of the more advanced concepts
  • Highlighter pen
  • Complimentary membership to the ThoughtsAlive Online community FTMF forum (Private access, exclusively limited to FTMF participants)

Plus, the mp3 downloads of the ENTIRE manual, for accelerated learning on the go.


(You’ll also receive…)

An opportunity to become an official ThoughtsAlive Mentor, and enjoy a brand new income stream (for serious participants only… you must graduate with honors from this FTMF program to be considered for special Mentor Training).

The sky is the limit… the Universe is abundant and God is ready to supply you with all you need for your complete mental, physical, and spiritual unfolding.

“The experience was, of course, amazing, humbling, inspiring, and I think at times unbelievable…Is anyone else feeling uncomfortable, aside from elation of course, with their new success? Last night I started to panic that we were actually getting what we wanted… I do get relief from the home study course where Leslie states this is normal… Don’t get me wrong. I feel so grateful and ready, just an unexpected nervousness as well. πŸ™‚ Amanda J.”

Gain a heightened AWARENESS, and be empowered to overcome any obstacle, effect any change, and achieve any goal you desire.

You’ll Also Receive:

Bonus #1:

Personalized Assistance (Value: $199.00)
Goal Review Service Certificate

√ Incentive to complete the entire course
√ My personal feedback on YOUR goal, and a follow-up review
√ Let me help you get started on the right foot

Bonus #2:

My Recommended Resources List
Compilation of money-saving resources for developing lucrative multiple streams of income that took me five years of research and trial/error to identify

√ Save months or years researching the validity of additional resources
√ Get the one idea you need to take your business to the next level
√ Discover the power of the network, and eliminate costly RISK

Bonus #3:

Lifelong Support (Value: $79/year)
Continual education delivered via email through the [47Tips] Newsletter until you’ve accomplished your goal

√ Keep your head in the game with fresh, inspiring ideas
√ Find out about others who are on the same path as you
√ Discover counter-intuitive tips and tricks for handling life’s challenges



leslie-author-left“Let me send you the program. Look it over, and if you are not convinced that it will help you make quantum leaps THIS year, simply return the package intact and unaltered within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase price. (This guarantee applies only to the physical version of the FTMF program.)” ~ Leslie Householder