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Goal Setting Secrets, Mindset, and Miracles

In this course, I help you discover how to know if you’ll reach the goal, how to deal with naysayers, why you do what you do (even though you know what you know), how to know when you’ve done enough, how to prosper by degrees, how to pace yourself, how to deal with perfectionism, how to choose a bullet-proof goal, and how to develop a magnetic personality. I also address failure, and your reticular activating system. You’ll learn about the two words that fix everything, and how to zig-zag to success. The information in this course will help you keep moving forward, even if you don’t know what you want. So if you ever wonder why fake optimism isn’t necessary, why motivation doesn’t last, whether the breakthrough ever comes, or if the challenges ever stop, this course is for you.

A Deeper Look at the Laws of Success

When the law of attraction doesn’t quite work like you expect it to, it’s time to get the rest of the story. In this course I discuss the seven laws, addressing aspects that are not covered in my books. You’ll find out: What does it mean when I finally set a goal properly, and all heck breaks loose? How am I supposed to think when things appear to get worse instead of better? How can I turn disaster into opportunity? You’ll get to discover what’s really happening when things appear bleak, and instead of consciously focusing on one law at a time, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how all seven laws can effectively work together.

Making ‘Cents’ out of Setbacks

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Parenting Principles

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Spouse or Partner Dilemmas

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The Human Factor

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Business and Family Life

You were put on this planet with an inborn desire to find and accomplish your unique life’s mission – one that will become your passion, your purpose, your meaningful contribution to the world, and ultimately, your legacy. The world would have you believe that you are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, or clever enough to discover and accomplish that mission. It would have you believe that your mission is not just impossible to identify or define, but even more impossible to complete. Not true! Through humor and other surprises, this course will reveal secrets that can give you the advantage, insight, and empowerment you need to get excited about your future and stay on track, as well as the inner peace of mind and confidence that you can and will succeed at whatever you are called upon to do. You’ll learn how to fulfill your mission and keep family balance, even when your mission feels impossible. I also talk about building a business on a budget, and address the concern that ‘money corrupts’.

Cautions and Warnings

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Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission

In this course, you’ll learn about the story behind the Portal to Genius story, and how it can help you find and fulfill your life’s mission.