Science of Getting Rich 8-week Audio Seminar

A Life-Changing Program – Based on The Book That Inspired The Jackrabbit Factor

There was a time when the very title of the book repelled me. I mean, really: The Science of Getting Rich? Sounded like a devious trap, set to destroy my relationship with God. We’re not supposed to chase riches, right? Little did I know that it wasn’t the information inside, but rather my fear of getting “trapped” that was keeping me from discovering one of the most life-changing, relationship-with-God improving secrets this life has to offer.

Remembering what you’ve learned can be tough – and sometimes it’s hard to remember all those cool concepts that
gave you so much power in the past.

Sadly, when you forget certain concepts, it’s easy to once again start blaming external circumstances for your “stuckness”.

No matter how much you remember, or how much you presently implement on a regular basis, the fact remains that no matter WHAT is going on, YOU still have the power to turn it around…

And it all begins with your thoughts.

How are you responding to what’s happening in your life right now?

What are you thinking?

Are you doing your best, but it still isn’t making the difference you need it to make?

Do you need some IMMEDIATE and REGULAR help keeping your mind in the right place long enough to accomplish that oh-so-elusive goal?

Keep reading…

I’m holding an 8-week teleclass that starts very SOON. (If you can’t attend, you’ll be supplied with a recording.)

The first time I conducted this class was in 2006, and the participants had to travel to Arizona to attend it. People came in from all over, but now I’ve converted it so that you can get the info without the extra expense.

What can this information do?

There were participants in that 2006 class who doubled their income, walked away from employment, started successful businesses… and the effects continue to ripple. And now the class is back, and more affordable than ever!

You know when something’s gotta change. So, just do it – you’ll thank yourself for years to come. Here’s to your amazing future!

Leslie Householder

Feedback is STILL coming in from previous events.  This one arrived on October 11, 2010:

Your seminar changed my life back in 2006… how can I forget that? Kevin Sparks “Back in 2006, I attended The Principles of Prosperity 3-day seminar, and because of putting what I learned into action, I was able to quit my job the next month and have never turned back!”  Kevin Sparks,

Topics Covered (Leslie-Style!)

  • The Right to be Rich
  • The Science Behind Getting Rich
  • Is Opportunity Monopolized?
  • The First Principle
  • Increasing Life
  • How Riches Come to You
  • Gratitude
  • Thinking in the Certain Way
  • How to Use the Will
  • Acting in the Certain Way
  • Efficient Action
  • Getting Into the Right Business
  • The Impression of Increase
  • Keys to Advancing
  • Cautions

Participant Feedback:

CLICK HERE to Listen to Alisa Hancock share her comments about the information in this class – (you’ll hear about her husband doubling their income after going through the Science of Getting Rich seminar)

This was so profound. –Pam F.

Would it be too simple to just say that I loved it!!?? I never thought that I would be one of those people who did seminars. I can honestly say that my life has changed. What I have learned has given me more faith in God and in myself. I cannot begin to express my feelings of gratitude or explain to you how I truly deeply feel, words do not do justice. -Jennifer Frink

I loved it!!! Your perspective on these principles is right on. When I read Wattles book I didn’t see some of the things that you have taught; your message is unique. Thanks! -Jeff Frink

Fascinating! This has a great focus on God and the potential of His children (me!). – Kim A.

I will never be the same. … You have inspired me to a much higher awareness of consciousness than I’ve ever experienced yet. -Paula A. Swenson

At one point I probably could’ve just bought the material without attending and learned what I needed; then I realized it is more that just gaining the knowledge. It’s the experience. Had we not attended, my husband and I would not be on the same page. -Sherrie Hatch

My heart is full. I feel like a wind up toy that is being held tight, waiting to be released. I’m grateful for a loving God who has led me here to learn the principles of prosperity. This has been an answer to prayer. -Lona Miller

Nothing has impacted us like this. -Kent and Jamie Dance

This actually made me more spiritually minded, which is contrary to my expectations of attending a ‘getting rich’ type of program! – S. C.

This has been WONDERFUL!! Everything makes perfect sense now. So many AHA!! moments to list. I recommend it to everyone… The truth has been presented to me in such a clear and scientific way… Let’s see- what do I want? -Zarko Dimitrijevski

To be honest, I was a little hesitant… We have been to so many seminars and they helped me to some extent but nothing like this one has! This really opened my eyes. -Shari Willis

I already knew about 90% of what was taught, but somehow this put it all together in a way that made sense… -David Willis

Audio Seminar Schedule:

This teleseminar took place in October 2010, and has been recorded to CDs, so now you can listen on YOUR schedule.  Begin when you’re ready, and follow the program for 8 weeks.  Includes interaction with your instructor, Leslie Householder, in a private area of the forum.

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