Portal to Genius

How to enlist, recognize, and trust inspired ideas for remarkable results. Follow Richard and Felicity who are at the end of their financial rope, Morgan who needs a medical miracle for his son, and Ray who needs to find $4.5 million dollars by Wednesday as they each discover their portals[…]

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The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can

The story that will inspire you to dream bigger than ever. Richard is at the end of his financial rope and disappears into the woods behind his home. Where has he gone, and what is required of Felicity before she can find him? Unlock with Richard the secret behind the[…]

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Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters

Hidden Treasures is about finding riches after having obtained a hope in Christ, for the intent to do good. But even more, it’s about discovering treasures of wisdom and knowledge which have been promised to those who diligently seek. “If the ‘righteous shall prosper,’ why am I so broke?” “Is[…]

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