Interested in having Leslie speak at your event?

Leslie was trained by Bob Proctor in 2000 to be one of his certified facilitators. After that, she became an award-winning author of her own three best sellers, and has delivered over 50 presentations on the topic of Rare Faith (her unique angle on the Law of Attraction). Over the last twenty years, she has shared speaking platforms with several of the greats (including Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, John Gray, and Dan Clark).

Some of her topics include:

  • The Visual Aid that Changed Everything (watch here)
  • Making Cents out of Setbacks (listen here)
  • Mission Impossible and Other Outrageous Lies (youth keynote – listen here)
  • Your Greatest Show (youth keynote – listen here)
  • The Power of Your Thoughts (religious – listen here)
  • Leaning on the Lord in a Financial Crisis (religious – audio coming soon)
  • See the full list…

If you’re interested in having her speak at your event, send her a message below.

In your message, describe:

  1. Who you are and how you heard about her
  2. The event date/location details
  3. Who the audience will be
  4. What you want the audience to gain from her presentation
  5. Why you are interested in having her speak
  6. What your budget is, and whether or not it will also include travel expenses
  7. Anything else you think she should know

Currently, Leslie’s regular speaking fee for a 2-hour keynote is $3850. Under special circumstances, she speaks for less, and sometimes for free (but it has to line up with her existing trajectory, and it has to make sense). In short, she needs to be able to justify the prep time and time away from her family and other projects. Her time is limited, so if you spell everything out in your first message, she will be all the happier to consider it.

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