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You may have heard me say that my husband and I spent over $100,000 in personal and business development training over the last 15 years, to learn how to first triple our income and PicMonkey Collage-under 30generate more than a million dollars in additional income that I’m convinced we would not have earned otherwise.

Now Ebay Collage2we’re ready to let a someone else benefit from our educational investments. Someone is going to get some incredible, timeless wisdom for a mere fraction of what we spent on it.

We were keeping these programs for sentimental reasons because of the impact many of them had for us, but it’s time to create another vacuum – clear some shelf space – and let these programs get back to doing what they were created to do – namely, changing lives.

So if you’re ready to change yours, and you want to learn directly from some of our mentors, then this is your chance to get some powerful training at a discount.

See what’s still available from our private library (posted on Ebay, links below).


Goal Achievement and Business Training Programs:

Bob Proctor’s Mission in Commission – SOLD

ebay-missionIf you’re ready to earn a 6- or 7- figure income, then you’re ready for this fast-track program, Mission in Commission. As a commissioned salesperson, you have one of the best seats in the house – you can choose to earn any level of income you desire. And, once you’ve made that choice, there is very little issue in maintaining that same level of income (or higher) for as many years into the future as you choose. The successful execution of the various exercises and mind-expanding principles of Universal Law we’ll be teaching in this program will help you put money in the place it belongs. You will find yourself finally and forever stepping across the line that separates so many struggling salespeople from those who win big – month after month and year after year.

(Retails for $195) Yours for $29.95 + shipping

Bob Proctor’s Goal Achiever Program 8CDs and Workbook – SOLD

ebay-goal-achiever“Goal setting is an intellectual exercise. Goal Achievement is a Lawful Process. When you understand and apply the laws of the Universe taught here, achieving your goals will become easy and natural.” ~ Bob Proctor, teacher on The Secret and Master Personal Success Coach

(Retails for $195) Yours for $49.95 + shipping

Magical Mind Magical Body – Deepak Chopra, M.D. – 6 Audio Cassette Set – SOLD

Tebay-deepakhis revolutionary approach tells how you can achieve these results through the power of your mind. Chopra explains the “quantum mechanical body” — a level where thought is turned into physical reality. He tells you how to harness these new insights to make your cells think, and your thoughts move healing energy.  In doing so, you will create the kind of health and mental state that you desire.

Yours for $10 + shipping

Yanik Silver’s Selling Your Book on the Internet Success System – SOLD

ebay-selling-book-yanikLearn how to make 6-figures as an author, without even being in a bookstore. Yanik’s successful students sell information on all kinds of topics, from health, music, dance, pet training, and more. Click through title link for full description.

(Retails at $1995.00) Yours for $229 + shipping

Yanik Silver’s Information Marketing Closed-Door Player’s Workshop  SOLD

ebay-yanikHow to make a fortune out of ANY hobby. Click through title link for full description.

I’m told that participants paid $5000 to attend the event, which was recorded and packaged for sale at $3000. I believe that’s what we paid.

(Retails at $3000) Yours for $327, free shipping

Scott Jeffrey – Everything You Need to Know to Become a Best-Selling Author – SOLD

ebay-jeffreyDeep inside each person’s soul swims the idea of writing a book. What if you could write your book and leave a legacy for generations to come? Learn:
  • The realities of publishing-the dirty little secrets no one wants to tell you
  • The mechanics behind publishing-how your book idea becomes a final product
  • The winning author’s mindset-how to get a publishing contract and become a bestselling author
  • The benefits of self-publishing-how to know when self-publishing is your best option
  • The psychology of publishers-how they evaluate a book project (this knowledge alone can save you years of heartache!)

(Retails for $295) Yours for $60 + shipping

Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income System – Maximum Response Marketing – SOLD

ebay-kevin-thompsonWhat Can an Automatic Income System Do For You?
It’s all about creating a passive income – something that flows even when you’re not working. It’s leveraging your time, so that you work hard in the beginning, and it continues to pay you long after you’ve finished setting it up.

(Regularly $1191.00) Yours for $347, free shipping

Simple Wealth – Engage Today with Sir Richard Branson and His Holiness the Dalai Lama – SOLD

ebay-engage-todayThe greatest challenge for business owners, entrepreneurs and investors is to use their organization to create positive change in the world. We are eager to make a difference and create change, but we are not sure how to utilize our resources effectively to ignite the passion and enthusiasm to bring forth that change in the world. Learn how to bring about change and ignite your passion, whether you are the CEO of a major international corporation, the owner of a small business, a sole proprietor or anywhere in between.

(Event was $1997.00) Yours for $397, free shipping


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