International YOU

International YOU

June 23-25, 2011
9 am – 5 pm each day
Columbia College
Murray, UT

(Fly to Salt Lake City)

Join me and my marketing mentor of ten years, Marnie Pehrson, to discover the secrets we’ll share with you of internet marketing success. Find out how to build your online presence and create an income stream that flows around the clock from all over the world.

Using the information you’ll get at this workshop, a six-figure income from home is not just possible, it’s probably easier than you think. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme – it is the education you need to demystify the systems and strategies that can provide you an additional stream of income that has no limit.

You’ll learn:

How to build a loyal INTERNATIONAL following
• How to build relationships for ongoing income
How to automate your message delivery
• How to repurpose the message for multiple formats
Joint Venture tips, traps, and etiquette
• What kinds of systems to avoid
How to save thousands of dollars on web developers
• How to use social media to generate more money
Top indicators that a website is profitable or not
• How to create raving fans from all over the planet

It’s time to take YOUR message to a GLOBAL audience!

Welcome to International You! We are Leslie Householder and Marnie Pehrson- best-selling authors, speakers, and successful business owners (who have each generated thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars in a month using internet marketing). And we are looking forward to meeting with you in a small group setting and helping you bypass the set-up hassles and tech struggles, the uncertainty of marketing and the how-to’s of effective copy writing – to literally set you up so that your message is showcased to a global audience.

International You, our exclusive three-day Quantum Business Leap conference, is June 23-25 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we want you to be a part of it!

Now, this isn’t some “listen to us speak and take fifty pages of notes each day” deal. You come prepared to give 100% to your business, and we’re 100% prepared to help you succeed in moving it forward!

You’ll GET THINGS DONE right there in class, with us over your shoulder helping you implement the proven ideas, shortcuts, and strategies we’ll reveal along the way.

In fact, this conference propels you quantum leaps forward, as we help you actually get your site and sales messages in place so that you can return home ready to make money from your efforts, knowledgeable, with your message already circling the world.

We’d love to say, “Come and join us!” to every heart-centered entrepreneur, but in order to really work one-on-one with you, we can only effectively work with between 20-30 attendees. (I’d like to keep it to 20, but I know for sure we won’t do more than 30.)

Plus, International YOU isn’t for everybody. We’ll help you know how to come prepared (we’ll give you a checklist of 14 items to get in order as soon as you’re registered) so we can move forward together.

Also, this conference is not for whiners or procrastinators. We’re looking for no-excuses, committed folks who know they’re winners and who are ready to roll.

Here’s what we plan to cover with YOU personally during these 3 days of strategic personal attention to taking YOU global.

Day 1

Making Marketing Easy, Fun and Natural
Creating your OWN site/blog templates so you’re not paying through the nose every time you want to spice up your site!
Workshop time to build or fine-tune your site
Secret Strategies that Drive People to Your Site

Day 2

How to get your site visitors to BUY!
Building long-term relationships the RIGHT WAY with your own RAVING FANS
Creating customers out of fans (the technical piece that is often avoided or procrastinated)
Workshop time to integrate these elements into your site

Day 3

Pulling out your GOOD STUFF and using it to Promote Yourself
Working once, then benefiting from it over (and over and over)
Getting the rank-benefit of internet longevity, WITHOUT waiting ten years
Benefiting from Social Media – without getting “sucked into the vortex”
Marnie’s Secret Sauce for Simplifying and Automating Your Marketing

(Strongly recommended in preparation for “Mentor Training”. Get registered for International YOU before June 11 and your registration fee can even be applied against the Mentor Training registration, should you choose to attend both!)

Register Now – $1297