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We have tried many, many things over the years trying to reach our financial goals all to no avail. We could not figure out why nothing was working for us. We were like cats chasing our tails :o) One night in a teary heart felt prayer I resigned to the Lord that I would be happy with exactly what we had and that all I really wanted was to be a certain kind of mom and a certain kind of family.  If that meant never having the money and freedoms we wanted than so be it. The stress of our fruitless ambitions was taking a toll on our family. I had so much peace in my heart at the end of the prayer.

“A short time later I found The Jackrabbit Factor (or should I say it found me?) It changed my life.  My husband read it.  It changed his life. We had REAL hope at last. For the next year I would think about and read that book, but I knew I needed more. I knew the book was just scratching the surface of a new understanding. I was so excited to learn of the [Mindset Mastery™ Program].  I knew that was the missing link in understanding universal laws that could change my life. I bought the course. It was the by far one of the best decisions I have made.

I have just completed the home study course and can not begin to express my gratitude in finding this life changing material. My husband and I are now on a path of success that brings more confidence and opportunities every day. Sometimes I am in awe of what we have accomplished in such a short time and I know without a doubt that it is because of our deeper understanding of universal truths that are so eloquently taught through his home study course. The peace and confidence we feel about our future now surpasses any ideas we may initially have had about it in the past. We have officially taken control of our lives and look forward to every day and learning opportunity that comes our way. I do not feel helpless anymore and my own wishes and dreams of contributing to this family on all levels are happening.” Amanda J.