A message from ThoughtsAlive’s founder, Leslie Householder:

Trevan and Leslie HouseholderFor nearly a decade, my husband and I attended seminars AND read all kinds of books, trying to learn how to dig ourselves out of a very deep and discouraging hole. We spent grocery money and even started charging up our credit cards to pay for the education we so desperately lacked.

However, I just ended up depressed and angry because all I wanted was to be able to stay home with the children, and to keep our financial promises on time… but after all we invested in our learning, nothing really changed.

Maybe you’ve never been this frustrated before, but I was so on edge about our financial hardships that I called the cops on a kid who broke my broom. We didn’t have the lousy seven bucks to replace it, and that setback was the final straw.

I was a wreck. I finally just went to bed and decided that I didn’t care if I ever got up. The kids would just have to find their own food and look after themselves, because I couldn’t go on any longer.

If I couldn’t find the freedom from stress that I needed, I would just close my eyes and pretend I already had it. That’s the only place I could feel relief, and if that is where I’d have to do it, so be it. I remember thinking, “Oh, you are so pathetic, Leslie.”

Little did we know that what I did that day actually marked a new beginning… it started us on a new path. I had applied ONE of the laws without even knowing it. Within the year we were able to buy our first home and have a stable job with insurance.

But since we didn’t realize what I had done, or why our better circumstances had come about, we both fell into the same thinking patterns as before and ended up just as strapped as before, except this time with a bigger nut to crack each month. The stress was still there.

Trevan and Leslie HouseholderWe continued to attend seminars for another three years in our search for greater freedom and stability, but once again I came to the end of my rope.

I said, “This is the last seminar I’ll ever go to; that’s it.”

Fortunately, it was the seminar which finally explained how the laws of success really work, and launched us into the life of our dreams.

Unlike so many of the other events we had attended, there was no hype, nothing “rah-rah” about this one. It was just a simple presentation on how the Universe really operates, and the Laws of Thought which govern the degree to which a person will enjoy success.

We just looked at each other with our mouths wide open, and said, “THAT’S all it is??” We tested the principles we learned and within 3 months our income tripled.

Let me explain how we did it.
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leslie2Out of sheer amazement and relief, I felt driven to share what I had learned, so my book, The Jackrabbit Factor, was born and became an instant bestseller. After a couple years we started making it available as a free download to help others more easily find hope, and ultimately it began to be talked about all over the world. In fact, we were excited (but not surprised) to find out that it was credited for helping one celebrity (Ben Southall) achieve the World’s Best Job out of 34,000 applicants.

But then a few years later, after investing our money in all the wrong places, many of our most promising ventures collapsed and we found ourselves worse off than ever.

I began to wonder if everything I had been teaching was a farce, and whether or not I should just pull all my books off the shelves and make a public apology, that apparently the principles I had been teaching no longer worked.

But every time I tried to throw in the towel, one nagging thought would not leave me alone: “Keep teaching – you do not make the principles true or false by how well you’re living them.”

Lives were still being changed by its message, and feedback poured in continually about its positive impact. But I was still grappling with why OUR finances had gone so drastically wrong.

“Keep teaching”??

That’s not really what I wanted to hear (I would have much preferred to crawl under a rock and disappear forever), but it became apparent that there were more principles for me to discover, or that I at least needed a deeper understanding of the ones I already knew, so I could pass along what I learned to my readers.

In time, we began to consciously identify the gaps in our understanding, and our message began to take a new angle. Instead of exclusively selling promises of financial prosperity, it was suddenly more important to also share what we were learning about how to cope when things don’t go the way you expect, and what to do and think when all of your efforts to “think right” don’t yield results as quickly as you need them to. These are important skills to learn so that your challenges don’t debilitate you forever.

You can bounce back. There is more to learn, and it’s definitely worth learning.

We had unexpectedly found ourselves relating to a whole new section of the population: those who made a bunch of money and then lost it all. No longer was ours rags to riches story, it was rags to riches to rags, and it then became our opportunity to learn how to apply the principles again when you’re tired, how to bounce back when your confidence is shot, how to swallow your pride and do the hard things that need to be done, and how to believe that you can still become happier and more prosperous in the long run.

Our message began to help others make sense (cents) out of setbacks, profit from their losses, and discover their hidden resources. The Law of Polarity promises that in every catastrophe there is an equal or greater opportunity or benefit, and some of the best things to come out of our trials include The Jackrabbit Factor sequel: (Portal to Genius) and our new Genius Bootcamps.

leslie-author-leftAs tough as it was, we’re grateful for those experiences.

We feel that because of them, our message has grown up, and we’re happy to report that the principles DO still work. Life just has a way of continually providing more and more complex challenges on which to apply them. It’s all as it should be. The struggles can lend to a person’s growth and development if he or she allows it, and we can attest that financial rewards are still a valid promise to those who live well the principles.