Recommended Resources for FTMF Participants

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
Here’s a little background. So the story goes, a number of decades ago, a journalist went to China to handle a political story and ended up with appendicitis. When the doctors opened him up and removed his appendix without anesthesia, only using acupuncture to control the pain, he was astounded and returned to the States with a remarkable story to tell.

When there is a block in the flow, we experience pain, physical and/or emotional. Using needles, acupuncturists are able to set up a sort of “lightning rod effect” giving a channel for the energy to maintain free flow.

What has since been discovered is that the same release of blocked energy flow can be achieved by tapping lightly on the meridian points on our body. This tapping technique is called EFT, and there is a downloadable manual at where you can learn the location of these points and how to do EFT.

I am no expert by any means on this subject. But I have seen it work, particularly with emotional trauma. When you feel overcome with painful, fearful, or negative emotions, tapping is extremely useful for being able to think of the painful experience without the emotion typically attached. It is like setting yourself free from the grips of uncontrollable emotional pain, worry, or anxiety.

So, I see this as a fantastic tool for helping you through the terror barrier as well. When that anxiety arises, EFT can help you handle the anxiety and give you the strength to break through to the other side where your dreams await.

I have used the technique on myself and one of my children with marked results. Now, whether the tapping literally releases blockages or whether it just distracts the conscious mind so you can open up the subconscious, I’m not sure. All I know is that it works. (Please don’t send me more information on this, I have plenty to study on it already and don’t need any more materials until I’ve exhausted what I have!)
Carolyn Cooper developed another method for releasing emotional traumas, triggers, and blocks (which in my experience works even faster). It is simple, powerful, and my family has experienced its benefits for many years. If you feel something is keeping you from really moving forward, explore her website to see what her method can do for you.

Self-publishing Tools
Bypass the middleman and self-publish at a fraction of the cost. I’ve worked with this company since 2005 and have been very happy with their service. Other places wanted to charge me $6-10 for creating my “print-on-demand” books but this company offers them to me for about $4.50 per copy. Price is reduced significantly of course with orders of 2000 or more. It is a great way to get started if you want to publish a book on a budget. Set up fees are less than $100, and if you open an account in the springtime, they often run a promotion to refund your set-up fee with your first order of 50 books. There are other resources that offer excellent print-on-demand services, but this is the one I use.
Tim King, owner, has been my graphics designer from the beginning. If it isn’t something I can do myself, he handles it and is very patient with fickle clients (like me). There are cheaper designers out there, but I know he’s fair, talented, and honest. He can create any kind of file you need in order to satisfy whatever criteria the publisher requires.
Dan Poynter’s tips on self-publishing. He is one of the top gurus in the industry and provides a lot of helpful tips in getting your message out.
After I began making a six-figure income giving my book away for free, I began teaching a class called the Profitable Author. I have since recorded it and turned it into an online home study course.
I have been receiving Judy Cullins’ newsletter for years and have never questioned whether or not her material is useful. I hardly read it any more but I keep them all for reference.
My friend Wayne Kelly has a fantastic site for teaching you how to get free publicity for your book or services. He offers coaching for on-air interviews and is really fun to work with.

Website Development Tools – if you want them to host your site for you, or – if you want to download the software and host it yourself.
After building websites for over ten years, WordPress has become my favorite tool for creating professional-looking websites on a budget. You can choose from thousands of themes and plugins, to create just about anything you have in mind.
Although I now use the Infusionsoft sales and marketing software, in the beginning, I used MarketersChoice, and I still recommend it for those just getting started with their online business. It is really the 1ShoppingCart program but with a more user-friendly interface in my opinion. It is a database management system with autoresponder capabilities. It handled my orders, my broadcasting, and my client management. Combined with the Paypal gateway, everything I needed was handled with one easy-to-understand program.
This is the great site for locating stock photography. I used them for my book cover images and site images whenever I could. However, they have become more expensive over the years, so you may want to check this list of 13 free or cheap stock photography websites:
This is where I found the background music for my Jackrabbit Factor 4-minute movie. They have a wide variety of quality music clips and tracks for purchase.
Although I now use the Infusionsoft sales and marketing software, in the beginning, I used the PayPal virtual terminal to process credit card orders. Customers did not have to use a PayPal account to pay me. It allowed them to use any major credit card. Money in my PayPal account automatically earns interest. I was able to pay vendors and printers etc. with my PayPal card, which essentially worked like a debit card, but earned a better rate than a regular savings account. I could transfer funds directly to my personal bank account at no charge within 2-3 days. It allowed me also to accept international payments without hassle. I paid a small fee for each transaction processed, which is returned if the order gets refunded.
This site is an online auction for freelancers. Writers, developers, contractors of all kinds can bid on projects you need help with. On the other side, you can earn money by offering your services as well. I have hired people from all over the world to help me when I’m in a pinch. Someone in Nepal created some flash animation for me, someone in Dublin, Ireland was hired to do a file conversion…
Another site for getting all kinds of web services all starting at just $5 – graphics, copywriting, video, tech, and more.
Charlie Cook is an expert marketer and with his help, I created my marketing funnel so that my sites would continue to generate an income stream. He has plenty of material to choose from for every budget, and his newsletter is fabulous. After investing in personal coaching with him, my websites went from generating about $30/mo to about $4000/mo.

Yanik Silver is a marketing genius as well. I have invested in his program to in order to reach more people with what I have to offer. If you are an expert on some topic, he can show you how to create an Internet cash machine… and your topic can be anything you want. Sometimes the more unusual it is, the easier it is for people who really need what you have to find you. He’s down to earth and massively successful at selling information.

General Business Development Tools
Of course I’d mention this site. Bob has a wide selection of great tools for your psychology.
This is the best place I’ve found for a wide variety of packaging supplies, from boxes of all sizes to fancy velvet gift bags. Very reasonable prices, and their products show up FAST.
Just mention my name if you choose to do business with them. Wendy Byford and Gary Bauer are good friends of ours and have helped us set up a number of business entities. They are experts at knowing which structure to use, and how to do it properly. Their ongoing support and education is second to none, and they operate under the principles we teach. You’ll see that Bob Proctor endorses them as well.

Miscellaneous Home, Family, and Personal Tools
Join the group in your area. It is a way to give things away to people who need them. Sometimes someone will give something away that you’ve been looking for, too! It’s all about recycling unwanted stuff and no money changes hands whatsoever. Every so often you’ll get an email of all the things people in your town would like to give away. It shows you how to add your things to the list as well. Make someone’s day!
A really fun site for taking control back over your cluttered home. Very popular, and helpful for busy people like me. I eventually removed myself from their list because we were getting ready to move and I couldn’t keep up on all of the wonderful tips and tricks, but I have always remembered it with fondness.